Our Team

We are a diverse group of passionate individuals who are committed to protecting endangered species


Zoe Jewell


Sky Alibhai


Board of Directors

Lorie Durham, B.A.

Accounting Officer

Charles Hall, B.Sc.

Website Officer

Joseph Morgan, B.Sc.

Technology and Innovation Officer

Onyi Nwafor, Ph.D.

Operations and Logistics Officer

Principal Research Associates

Peter R. Law., D.Phil

Ecological modeling/Mathematics

Ryan Lekiewitz, Ph.D.


Caleb King, Ph.D.


Tech Team

Jonathan D'Souza

Lead Architect

Nicolas Morant

Machine Learning Engineer

Richard Morello

Software Engineer

Brian Adkins

System Engineer

Sathvik Prasanna

Mobile App Engineer

Operations Team

Kari Dorth

Operations Manager

Volunteer Team

Huayu Tsu

Machine Learning Engineer

Debbie Liske

Data Scientist

Yolanda Davis

Data Scientist

Noah D’Souza

Aaditya Ramesh

We are always looking for new team members. Interested to join us?

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