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Help us capture footprints of endangered species around the world

Help us capture footprints of endangered species around the world

Help us capture footprints of endangered species around the world

WildTrack’s footprint identification technology (FIT) comprises two analytical steps: Firstly, an artificial intelligence (AI) pipeline, and secondly a statistical method using morphometrics (measurements of the footprint).

Both approaches require good quality footprint images! That’s where we hope you’ll help us!

There’s a protocol for collecting images. It simply requires your eyes, a metric ruler, and your smartphone! Couldn’t be easier! It’s available on our AI platform and mobile app below.
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Wildlife Sanctuaries and Zoos

Sanctuaries and Zoos are ideally placed to participate in the collection of footprint data. To develop an FIT algorithm for a new species, we first need to collect footprints from known animals for a ‘reference library’ of footprints that we can train our models on.

If you work at a Sanctuary or Zoo, or you are a regular visitor, please contact us to see how you might be able to participate in this project. The infographics below give a broad overview of the process!
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Wildlife Sanctuaries and Zoos


Frequently Asked Questions

Footprints can be found anywhere there are animals and where the substrate is suitable. If you’re a hiker or just enjoy getting out into nature you’ll see them!

You can use the WildTrackAI app (iOS or Android) or upload images directly on our AI platform.

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They will be sent to the WildTrackAI cloud hosted by AWS where they’ll be stored securely and contribute to the development of the database to help protect endangered species.

A good footprint image looks like this:

What does a good footprint image look like?

Yes! WildTrackAI is free to use for everyone. We are a non-profit organization and we rely on donations to keep the project going. So please consider donating to help us continue our work of protecting endangered species.

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If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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