WildTrack Specialist Group (WSG)

A unique global network of biologists and conservationists experts

WildTrack Specialist Group

WildTrack Specialist Group

Who We Are

The WildTrack Specialist Group is a unique global network of biologists and conservationists dedicated to using only non-invasive and community-friendly techniques to monitor and protect endangered species.

The interactive map below, illustrates the work of our members of the group around the world! Members of the group, which includes conservation professionals from 12 countries on five continents, monitor a range of species from black rhinos in Africa and tigers in Nepal, to jaguars in Brazil and tiny endangered dormice in Israel, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Instead of tags or collars they use advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, combined with non-invasive on-the-ground tracking techniques, to monitor the animals on their watch. These techniques include footprint analytics, acoustic monitoring, trail cameras, and traditional knowledge shared by local guides, park rangers, and trackers.

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