Paws and Effect!

06 Jun 2024 By WildTrack

We were recently interviewed by Yves Vanderhaagen from Jive Media in South Africa about the development of our new technology for an environmental integrity metric. Yves wrote this great article which was picked up by the South African Daily Maverick paper

To us at WildTrack, this article perfectly captures not only the project objectives, the technology, the people, but also the excitement that a local community has shown for conservation ‘at home’. This is the foundation of creating a sustainable solution for biodiversity protection.

It’s all too easy for non-resident scientists around the world to collect data in other regions, go home, write a paper or two, but then forget the critical importance of making sure there is local capacity to take that project forward.

We’re lucky enough to have expert local partners in this particular project, so that process has been straightforward. The next phase of the project will, we hope, be sharing the FIT monitoring approach with other countries in the region, engaging their local expertise, and leaving our footprints behind for the work to continue!