WildTrack showcased by the Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute

01 Feb 2024 By WildTrack

Developing renewable energy capacity is a current focal point towards sustaining life on earth - not just human life but the lives of the other species we share this planet with. As we learn more about renewable energy installations we learn that there are also challenges for wildlife at these sites, many of which are in very sensitive habitats.

The Renewable Energy Wildlife Institute (REWI) is a partnership of leaders in industry, wildlife management agencies, and science and conservation organizations who collaborate on a shared mission: through science and collaboration, to accelerate the responsible deployment of renewable energy to mitigate climate change and protect wildlife and ecosystems.

WildTrack’s award-winning footprint identification technology (FIT) offers a potentially transformative means of delivering environmental impact assessments. We monitor species at renewable energy sites to inform on how best to protect nature and produce clean energy. FIT is a unique cost-effective and non-invasive approach, translating ancient traditional knowledge into cutting-edge morphometrics in JMP software and artificial intelligence. We can deliver key data on species numbers and distribution before, during and after installation to ensure that we keep renewable energy on track for the future.

Check out our technology on the REWI portal here