A lion footprint with a toe missing?

14 Jun 2024 By WildTrack

Image with kind permission from Solly Levi

Tracks have one foot in the ancient world of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and one in the modern world of objective analytics. Our footprint identification technology (FIT) is a bridge between those two.

We’re excited to showcase two recent publications with an amazing group of colleagues, that bring these worlds together.

The first publication describes that crossroads of tradition and modern techology perfectly, within the context of monitoring large carnivores, such as lions, in Botswana.


The second focuses on a very practical challenge that besets all of us using community-acquired images - how to make the best possible use of all that hard-earned data! The authors, including two of our PhD students in Europe, report on a creative solution that allows us to predict values even for footprints that are incomplete.