Rodents weigh more than elephants?!

06 Mar 2024 By WildTrack

It’s true, a recent article published by PNAS reported that Rodent biomass exceeds that of elephants! Rodents are not only numerous by species, but they are ubiquitous over the planet. This, together with their position in the food chain makes them key indicators of environmental integrity.

At WildTrack we’re excited to announce that our teams have added footprints from 30 new small mammal species (mice, shrews and sengis) across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America, to our footprint database, providing the foundation of what will be a transformative new approach to monitoring environmental health.

Thanks to JMP software we’re able to achieve very high accuracy in identifying these species, and with the help of AI we’ll be able to scale that up to deliver key data on the impact of climate change, biodiversity loss and habitat change.